The Group

SIFAX Group is one of the fastest growing multinational corporations with diverse interests in Maritime, Aviation, Haulage & Logistics, Oil & Gas and Hospitality. With a corporate head office in Lagos, Nigeria, the corporation maintained offices in Ghana, Morocco, United Kingdom and the United States.

SIFAX Group began operations in 1988 as a clearing & forwarding agency but has grown over the years to birth many subsidiaries making substantial contributions to the economy in countries where they operate.

Our uniqueness

The company has built a reputation of excellent service delivery built on the foundation of competent workforce, world-class services, consumer-centric philosophy, tailor-made business solutions and modern equipment deployment.

Our consumer-centric philosophy compels us to put the customers and their best interests at the centre of our operations. We constantly review our processes and innovate in order to meet the dynamic and unique need of each customer.

We understand that the need of each customer is peculiar due to their ability, taste, experience and business demands. Our strategy is that we listen to our customers, who we see more as business partners, understand their unique needs and deliver bespoke solutions that address their uniqueness.  From port terminal operations to freight handling, haulage and logistics, warehousing, related logistics intermediary services, and other non-logistics services like hospitality and oil & gas, SIFAX Group has developed the capacity to satisfy different categories of customers. Every time we handle any business for our customers, DELIVERING BEST VALUE is our ultimate goal.

SIFAX Group places a premium on the quality of its personnel and therefore has a recruitment policy that guarantees the engagement of only the best hands. All the companies in the Group are managed by a team of tested professionals, expatriates and Nigerians, with a proven track record of achievements; working with a cream of well trained and motivated staff to ensure that the goals of the organizations are met.

The deployment of technology is also one of the key unique selling propositions of the SIFAX Group. All the companies in the Group deploy the most modern technology in communication and information management. 

SIFAX Group has made a huge investment in the acquisition of modern equipment and facilities that makes the process of meeting the needs of the customer very easy. These include Rubber Tyred Gantries, Shore Cranes, Reach Stakers, Forklifts, Terminal Tractors, Haulage Trucks, Passenger Step, Cargo Warehouses  and Premium Lounge, among others.



Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited

Ports and Cargo Handling Services is the port operations arm of SIFAX Group. It was among the few terminal operators given concession in 2006 to run port terminals in Nigeria in the light of the Federal Government’s decision to build capacity in the maritime industry through public – private sector partnership.

The company manages the Terminal C at the Tin Can Island Port, Apapa, Lagos. The terminal has FOUR berths with a combined length of 795meters and 13.5meters draft and conveniently handles bulk/general cargo carriers, as well as container and RORO vessels.

Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited has completely changed the face of port terminal management in Nigeria with its multi-million dollars investment in functional and modern cargo handling equipment including shore cranes, RTGs, terminal tractors, among others. There has also been a massive investment in the provision of other infrastructure at the terminal as well.

With other innovations like computerized container tracking and ship planning, the company offers the port users excellent service that has turned the terminal to a port of first choice in Nigeria for vessel owners, ship agents, clearing agents, among others.

Another critical service provided by the company is stevedoring. It operates with a dynamic pool of well trained dockworkers who are experts in the loading and discharge of a wide range of cargoes.

Terminal Storage Capacity:




Full Containers

14,000 TEUs

Full Export Containers

1,300 TEUs

Export Containers

3,840 TEUs

Reefer Plus

102 units

Examination Area

300 TEUs m2

Scanning Yard

900 TEUs m2

General Cargo



Covered Area

3000 m2


720 m2

Open Space


Business Solutions:

  • Port Terminal Operations

  • Stevedoring

  • Plant Hire Services

Equipment and Facilities @ The Terminal

  • Rubber Tyred Gantry  (RTG) – 10

  • Shore Crane – 7

  • Full Handler – 19

  • Empty Handlers – 6

  • Forklift – 14

  • Maffi – 44

  • Terminal Operating System

  • CCTV

  • See Through Perimeter Fencing

  • High-Mast Lighting System

  • Standard warehouse with capacity of 8, 200 metric tonnes of cargo


Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL)

Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL) is an aviation ground handling service provider.

SAHCOL, which was formerly known as Skypower Aviation Handling Company Limited before it was privatized and handed over to the SIFAX Group on December 23, 2009, was carved out of the defunct Nigeria Airways as part of the Nigerian government’s Ministry of Aviation reform of 1996.

The service offering of SAHCOL involves all the actions that take place from the time an aircraft touches down on the tarmac to the time it is airborne, including RAMP HANDLING, PASSENGER HANDLING and CARGO/MAIL HANDLING.

Business Solutions:

  • Flight Dispatch

  • Load Control

  • Baggage Control

  • Aircraft Services/Cabin Interior Cleaning

  • Documentation

  • Ground Handling Equipment Provision

  • Unit Load Device

  • Hospitality Facility (VIP Lounge)

  • Safety & Security

  • Load/Unloading of Baggage, Mail & Cargo.

  • Ground Transportation.

  • Check-in

  • Seat Allocation

  • Boarding of Passengers

  • Meet & Assist on Arrival (Minors & Special Passengers)

  • Warehousing: Import & Export Reception

  • Courier Services

  • Mail Services

  • Haulage (Transport)

  • Hajj Handling

  • Christian Pilgrimage Handling


SIFAX Off-Dock Nigeria Limited

SIFAX Off-Dock Nigeria Limited operates the off-dock facilities and services of the Group. With various terminals located within the vicinity of both the Apapa and Tin Can Island ports in Lagos, Nigeria, the company is strategically located and accessible to the major ports from where it easily receives cargo as a temporary hold and provides easy exit for custom-cleared cargoes to any part of the country.

The terminals in Trinity, Apapa, Okota and Ijora (Empty Terminal) have a huge capital investment outlay in digital and modern terminal facilities, automated handling equipment, as well as latest Information and Communications Technology and security devices. In addition to well trained private security personnel and local arrow men, well-armed mobile policemen are also on ground to provide round-the-clock security that ensures absolute safety of cargo, facilities and human lives.

The enormous cargo capacity of the offdock area has immensely supported the speedy decongestion of cargoes from the main ports and the expertise of our well-trained workforce has aided faster delivery to consignees.

The Trinity terminal, which is the flagship depot of the company, occupies an area of 31,000 square metres with capacity to hold over 2,000 units of containers.  This is one of the few terminals in Nigeria (both conventional and offdock) that has functional and effective Reefer containers storage facilities with 200 plug-in points (with room for further additions). We have adequate power supply and two (2nos) 500KVA; One (1no) 350KVA and one (1no) 250KVA generating sets as back up for our 24 hours operations.

The company offers warehousing services, which include efficient operations of bonded warehouses and terminals; as well as cargo and freight forwarding operations with efficient framework that monitors movement of cargoes from the consignor to the consignee’s warehouse in a cost effective and timely schedule.



Trinity, Apapa

  • 2,625 TEUs,

  • 200 Reefer Units

Okota, Lagos

  • 1,080 TEUs

  • 650 Cars

Ijora, Lagos (Empty Container Terminal)

  • 1,380 TEUs

Business Solutions:

  • Bonded Terminal Operations

  • Warehousing

  • Cargo & Freight Forwarding


SIFAX Shipping Company Limited

With the aim of offering its global clientele unique one-stop shop for shipping services, SIFAX Shipping Company Limited was founded to provide a variety of complementary, quality shipping services.

The company has taken advantage of the global network of the Group to expand its shipping operations in the whole of West African sub-region representing its business interests and those of other renowned ship owners and shipping companies across the world as ship agent.

We also handle the clearance and delivery of consignment from customs and other agencies in both the seaports and airports.

Our airfreight services include full documentation, customs clearance, tracking and tracing and airport door to door while the sea freight services we offer are FCL and LCL import/export, import and export customs clearance, customs shipping documentation and packing and crating, among others.

The company’s excellent relationship with relevant government agencies and private stakeholders like Customs and terminal operators has given us an unbeatable edge to deliver the quality service we are reputed for.

Operations At The PortsBusiness Solutions:

  • Groupage

  • Cargo consolidation

  • Warehousing

  • Ship agency

  • Ship Husbandry

  • Ship chartering

  • Import

  • Export

  • DDU services

  • Airfreight services (full documentation, customs  clearance, tracking and tracing, etc)

  • Packing & Crating


SIFAX Haulage & Logistics Limited

SIFAX Haulage & Logistics Limited prides itself as one of the leading haulage companies in the West African sub-region. Over the years, it has expanded its capacity to deliver goods anywhere across West Africa. The key objective of the company is to satisfy the customer by providing a timely and cost-effective service.

The company operates a large fleet of functional trucks equipped with relevant cargo security devices, communications and tracking systems to monitor cargo movement on transit. Despite our security and safety measures, we deploy valid Goods-in-Transit insurance for all categories of cargo to completely secure the goods of our clients.

Today, we have achieved door to door delivery, as we provide total cargo delivery solution in the chain of international freight forwarding and Customs clearance.

Our personnel are trained to monitor customers’ consignments at all levels and stages on transit for safe arrival of the goods. This way, we save time, reduce cost and unnecessary anxiety from clients. We are a multi-modal transport operator, diverse warehousing operator and fleet owner based in Nigeria and with branch offices in other parts of the world. We deliver clients’ cargo when and where they need it and our services are customized to each client’s needs and specifications at competitive prices.

We employ modern, advanced Information and Communications Technology systems and ensure that clear tracks of our multi-modal logistics chain are followed via our tracking system.

  • Provision of total cargo delivery anywhere in Nigeria

  • Large fleet of functional trucks (55 nos) equipped with relevant cargo security devices, communications and tracking systems to monitor cargo movement on transit

  • Timely and cost-effective service

  • Valid Goods-in-Transit insurance

  • Competitive pricing


SIFAX Oil & Gas Limited

SIFAX Oil & Gas Limited was incorporated in 2010 and commenced business same year. It participated in the government regulated international trading of petroleum products in 2010 and 2011.

In 2012, a parcel of land was acquired to build a 60,000,000MT (Sixty million metric tons) capacity Tank farm while it has recently acquired a licence to build a 120,000 bpd (One hundred and twenty thousand barrel per day) capacity Greenfield refinery in Nigeria. The technical study, feasibility study and environmental impact assessment have all been concluded.

Upon conclusion of these two major projects, SIFAX Oil and Gas Limited is poised to fully establish its presence as a key player in the Nigerian energy downstream sector with opportunities in the West-African sub region also beckoning.

SIFAX Oil and Gas Limited is set to be a world class ‘one-stop shop’ for all downstream business activities ranging from refining of the crude oil to the storage, sale and distribution of the refined products.

SIFAX Logisitics and Marine Services Limited

SIFAX Logistics & Marine Services (SLMS) Limited was established solely as a vehicle for the growth and maximization of Nigeria local content participation.

SLMS provides special transportation with respect to offshore support services, marine vessel transportation, towage and other related marine services to both offshore and onshore oil terminals in Nigeria and the West African region.

The company specializes in provision of high quality marine support solutions putting safety and environment at the forefront.

Safety means everything to our clients and to us. We believe that all accidents and incidents are preventable and that no business objective is so important that it should be pursued at the sacrifice of safety. Unconditionally, living this principle in all our operations is a matter not only of maintaining a solid safety record, but also of protecting human lives and environment. We do it safely or not.

Innovation is not only a matter of inventing and applying new technology. We pursue second-to-none and cost effective solutions by integrating great technology, great minds and great skills. Recognizing that no client is just another client, and that no job is just another job, we tailor solutions to match the geographical, maritime and business environment in which our clients operate.


SIFAX Nigeria Limited

SIFAX Nigeria is a holistic service provider company with expertise cutting across trade, marketing, global merchant representatives, engineering services, project consulting services and many more. SIFAX Nigeria Limited, which was incorporated in 1998 has handled and executed projects in diverse sectors locally and internationally. The company has a solid presence in the Niger Delta, with deep involvement in offshore operations. The company has built partnerships with international oil companies by helping them facilitate technical arrangements in their operations schedule. For about a decade now, the company has been acting as an agent on behalf of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) in the monitoring of crude oil lifting and pollution control at the Nigerian offshore export terminals within the Bonny/Port Harcourt Pilotage District (Bonny, Brass, Okwori, Okono, Okoro, Akpo, Ima).

Business Solutions:


Our companies service both local and international clients in the public and private sectors of the economy. Our delivery of excellent value has earned us a large pool of discerning clients too numerous to list. However, some of them include:

  • MSC

  • Dangote Group

  • US Embassy

  • CBN

  • UNDP

  • UASC

  • IITA


  • JSI

  • Save the Children

  • ETCO Technical

  • GMT

  • MOL

  • DHL Global Forwarding

  • EuroChemco

  • APM Terminals

  • Barnaly Group

  • Inland Containers

  • Etihad Airways

  • Middle East Airline

  • S-African Airways

  • Airk Air

  • BUA International

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