KPMG is a professional services Firm with deep expertise in the provision of Audit, Tax and Advisory services with clients in various industries and sectors of the economy including the public sector. The Firm is well represented in Nigeria and across the African continent. Our objective is to provide quality services to multinational, regional and local clients.

KPMG Professional Services and KPMG Advisory Services are the KPMG member Firms in Nigeria. The Partners and people have been operating in Nigeria since 1978, providing multidisciplinary professional services to both local and international organisations within the Nigerian business community. KPMG has three operating offices in Nigeria from where it services clients across the country, with over 1000 professionals including 34 partners.

At KPMG, we are committed to working with our clients to cut through the complexities of the business world – finding solutions and adding value. Our market offerings are aligned to address the critical aspects of different stages of growth, for start-ups through to multinationals. We understand the DNA of high-growth environments and the competitive, fluid nature of various industries and sectors of the economy. Working collaboratively with our clients, we provide deep technical proficiency, industry-specific knowledge, solid business acumen, and critical insights to help them tackle difficult issues and drive stakeholder value.

As one of the leading providers of professional services in the country, KPMG knows that the success and growth of the Firm also depends on the success and growth of the Nigerian economy.  Hence, we promote progressive change to shape a better future for our clients, our people and the community as a whole. The Firm is also actively involved in the formulation of economic policies for Nigeria through the Nigerian Economic Summit Group.

What Sets Us Apart

Our business model enables deep industry experts to work side by side with business leaders, to develop and deliver solutions using highly specialised teams, tailored to the specific business needs of clients.

We have many strategic alliances including technical advisors/consultants that further broaden our capability set and help us bring targeted solutions to clients.

Our extensive network of practices enables us ensure that our clients have access to a blend of professionals who are well versed with local conditions, giving them access to skilled resources, no matter where they are in Africa. KPMG has 33 Offices servicing 54 African countries. As such, we have all our African clients covered.

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