Ashton & Dave Travels & Holidays Ltd is a travel & logistics company servicing corporate organisations in multiple industries., its affiliate company, is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY), online travel, tours and lifestyle company. The two brands provide travel solutions to corporate organisations and individuals with services in flights, hotels, car hire, tourism packages, visa advisory services, etc.

What makes different? Focus on lifestyle under the following categories:

  • Business travel

  • Adventure travelMr _boku

  • Medical travel

  • Entertainment travel

  • Education travel

  • Domestic travel

  • Sports travel

  • Leisure and events (such as weddings, reunions) travel

In addition to the above, the brand also provides the following:

  • Exceptional customer service & DIY convenience

  • From booking to payment (easy to use)

  • Discover Africa Campaign initiative with a focus on enabling African travels (54 countries – massive opportunity)

  • Visa advisory service & assistance to various countries and destinations.

  • Amazing deals & excellent pricing.

  • Tickets | Hotels | Protocols

  • Easy categorisation of travel deals by continents

“So where would you like to go today, Mr Boku will take you there” - Accessible, Reliable, Affordable & Fun. Logo3

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