About us:

Diamond Bank Plc was incorporated in December 1990 and began operation as a Limited Liability Company with 28 staff on Thursday, March 21, 1991 from Plot 1261, Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

In 25 years of its operations in the financial services sub-sector, the Bank has grown from one branch to 272 branches in Nigeria, 317 branches globally with over 4500 workforce, serving over 10 million customers spread across six countries. Today, Diamond Bank is one of Nigeria's leading universal banks with strong offerings in Retail, Business, Privilege, Public Sector and Corporate Banking. Its operations are driven and sustained by innovation and the deployment of the most advanced banking technology platform in the market.   

With a total asset of N2.04 trillion and N131.4 billion in total revenue as at December 31, 2016, the Bank is ranked one of the 10 biggest banks in Nigeria’s economy. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) described Diamond Bank Plc as one of the ‘systemically important’ banks in the economy.

The Bank is in a strategic partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and in June 2012, availed it a $70 million facility. Also, Actis invested N17 billion in equity in Diamond Bank in 2007; a transaction adjudged as the largest single private equity investment made in Nigeria by foreign investors.

Diamond Bank Plc is the first Nigerian bank to operate in the Francophone West Africa with strong presence in the Republic of Benin and branches in Senegal, Togo and Ivory Coast. As at December 31, 2016, the Bank has 272 branches located in various cities and commercial centres in Nigeria.

Diamond Bank Plc is a leading financial institution respected for its excellent innovation in providing value-adding solutions to customers' business needs. Over the years, the Bank has leveraged on its underlying resilience to grow its asset base, and to successfully retain its key business relationships. Diamond Bank strives to provide an exceptional customer experience using technology and people to exceed customers' expectation.

The Bank is strategically focused to grow the retail segment of the market by providing a wide range of retail products and services; and equally has strong focus on corporate banking. For optimum service delivery, Diamond Bank is structured to operate in four strategic business units.

Retail Banking- This provides innovative products and solutions for the retail mass market, mass affluent customers and MSME - small and medium scale entrepreneurs. Business Banking caters for the banking needs of the middle market customers. Corporate Banking provides services to multinationals and large corporations in such sectors as Oil and Gas, Power, Maritime, Manufacturing, Aviation and Telecommunication. The Public Sector is structured to provide banking services and do business with the Federal Government, its agencies and parastatals.

In providing unequalled customer experience, our approach is a holistic mix of propositions comprising a growing network of strategically located “brick and mortar” outlets, efficient electronic banking platforms and well structured financing models, which transcends the entire value chains of our customers’ needs.

Overall, our people remain our key differentiating factor in providing this unique customer experience across all markets where we operate; and, we are fully committed to consistently attract, retain and optimize the professional skills of only the best people to maintain and sustain our competitive edge. 


Our shared values:

Integrity: We are honest and truthful. This explains our moral obligations as a Bank to our customers, stakeholders and employees.

Competence: We are equipped with clusters of related abilities, commitments, knowledge and skills that enable us effectively exceed our customers' expectations.

Leadership: We are a leading financial institution and takes leadership role in the industry that involves providing the information, knowledge and methods that enable us serve our customers better.

Accountability: We account for our activities, deliver our promises, accept our responsibilities and are transparent in all our dealings in line with global best practices.

Passion: We are professionals dedicated and relentlessly devoted to the pursuit of excellence by providing value-adding solutions.


MSME Business Development:

Diamond Bank Plc is a pacesetter in providing financial services to Micro, Small and Medium scale Enterprises in Nigeria. We recognise that the economic growth and development of the country depends on this sector of the economy. This informed our initial partnership with the IFC in 2008 to build a sustainable framework for MSME financing which has stood the test of time.

In 2011, we launched the “Borrow For Free” promo through which we granted interest free loans to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), providing them a platform for easy access to capital and entrepreneurial capacity building. The facility allows MSMEs easy access to credit with a very short turnaround time and non-stringent conditions. Overall, Diamond Bank has effectively awarded loans exceeding N65 billion to over 30,000 MSMEs in Nigeria since 2009, making it the single most active lender to this sector in Nigeria.


Our products & services:

Mass Market

Diamond Savings Account: Diamond Savings Account is an account designed to help our customers meet their personal needs and lifestyle. With as little as N1, 000.00 minimum account opening deposit, a customer stands to enjoy immense financial service delivery.

DiamondXtra Account: This is an interest-yielding savings account, which allows the deposit of both cash and third party cheques with a minimum opening balance of N5, 000.00. The DiamondXtra reward scheme provide customers with the opportunity to win cash prizes including the grand prize of Salary for Life every month.

Youth Segment

Diamond Future Account: This is a savings account that help parents/guardians to save for their children’s education with a structured target savings plan. Parents/guardians can open this account for their children from age zero to 18.

Diamond Cool-Teens Account: Learning does not always happen in the classroom. With this account you can teach your child or ward age 13 to 18 financial management and the value of saving from an early age. This account also comes with a trendy debit card.

Diamond S.W.A.G (Students with A Goal) Account: Diamond S.W.A.G is a lifestyle savings account targeted at students of Tertiary Institutions and Corps Members. This account teaches management and business skills that will eventually usher young people into the business world.

Mass Affluent

Diamond High Interest Deposit Account (HIDA): This is designed for individuals interested in saving for a longer term and maximising interest. The account is opened with a minimum balance of N100, 000.00.

Diamond Term Deposit: This is a long-term capital growth account designed for individuals interested in saving for a set period of time. The minimum investment amount is N5, 000,000.00.

Diamond Current Accounts: Diamond Current Accounts are your key to real time banking. Our online facility ensures that you can do your financial transactions using your Diamond Current Account from any Diamond branch. The Diamond current accounts consists of Diamond PERSONAL CURRENT, Diamond ASPIRE, DiamondXclusive and Diamond PRIVILEGE.

Diamond Personal Current: This is a personal current account designed to make your banking as easy and efficient as possible. It offers you all the benefits of a current account packaged with a range of free added-value.

Diamond Aspire: This is designed to respond to your need for a flexible current account that caters for your everyday transactional needs. No monthly fee if a minimum of N250, 000.00 is maintained.

Diamond Xclusive: DiamondXclusive is a premium current account designed for the discerning individual who appreciates exceptional service and preferential treatment. This account guarantees effortless every day banking, the highest levels of quick and responsive service, a dedicated Personal Banker and a host of other privileges including access to Xclusive lounges across the country.

Diamond Privilege: Diamond Privilege is a wealth management business offering integrated banking and financial solutions to HNIs & UHNIs. This value proposition is comprehensive across banking, investments, lending, trust & fiduciary & lifestyle. As a discerning and successful individual, you require bespoke wealth management solutions, tailor-made to your personal, family and business needs.


Diamond Business Advantage: Diamond Business Advantage has been designed to add value to Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises so that operators can grow their respective businesses with smart banking. This account comes with a modest fixed monthly and zero CAMF (Current Account Maintenance Fee) business cost savings on transactions which guarantees that profits can be reinvested into the business.

Diamond School Advantage: Diamond School Advantage account is designed to suit the customer's unique cash flow needs and offers value-adding benefits such as asset financing, a robust school fees collection platform and support from a dedicated team who understand the customer's school’s need.

Emerging Business Domiciliary Account: This is a foreign currency account with a cheque facility that allows for 3rd party cash withdrawals and pays interest on deposit. The account also offers free SMS alerts and free inward transfers from overseas.

Emerging Business Loans: These loans are specifically targeted to address the access to finance needs of MSMEs. They are split into: Term or Instalment loans and Overdrafts.

Medical Credit Fund MEDILOAN: Mediloan Quality care is a special financing scheme between the bank and MCF aimed at private health care providers such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies and diagnostic laboratories.

Emerging Businesses Advisory Services: Our advisory services are designed to aid our MSMEs with their financial/technical and networking inadequacies to enable them build capacity by leveraging on various forums and media.

Financial Inclusion:

Diamond BETA Account: BETA Savings Account is a simple savings account designed mainly for traders and micro enterprises operating close to Diamond Bank branches who do not have the time to go to the Bank to save money on a daily basis.

Diamond Y'ello Account: Diamond Y’ello Account is a hybrid savings account opened and operated mainly with the mobile phone. This account has services such as deposit, withdrawals, bill payment, card/card-less services, payments to multiple beneficiaries, airtime purchase, etc.

Diamond Closa: Diamond Closa is the Bank’s Agency Banking offering which allows our customers to Bank with us from any appointed agent. Diamond Closa agents are some of our Emerging Businesses customers with registered business whose locations function as customer service points.

Retails Assets: Our array of consumer loan products ensure that you are well covered all year round. We provide financing for your urgent need, personal or family vacation, shopping expenses and other needs. From financing a new home, car, paying school fees for kids and acquiring home appliances, Diamond Bank is well positioned (with consumer loans such as Personal loans, School fees loans, Pay Day loans, Asset leases, Auto loan and mortgages) to meet your needs.

Card Services:

Diamond Visa Debit Card: This is a Naira denominated card linked directly to a Savings or Current account. It gives you 24 hours access to the funds in your account. It is accepted worldwide as a means of payment for goods and services across all channels (ATM, POS, WEB) and is designed to suit every lifestyle.

USD and GBP Debit Card (FCY Cards): This is a foreign currency (USD or GBP) denominated card that is linked to your domiciliary account. It is an international card that can be used anywhere in the world and accepted across all channels (ATM, POS, WEB).

Diamond Visa Credit Card: Is a card to which a line of credit is assigned for use by the cardholder which can then be used to pay for goods and services with a commitment to pay back. Diamond Credit Card offers you the unique opportunity to earn GEM points from spend on POS and online, which can be redeemed at partner merchants like (Cool World, Fouani (LG), Infinity Tyres,, Qatar Airlines, Park N Shop, etc.).

Diamond Channel Services:

With our e-banking channels, you can bank with us anytime, any day and anywhere. Choose from many options of our electronic banking channels designed for your convenience to access your account.

Diamond Mobile app: The Diamond Mobile App is an innovative mobile application with which users can have access to their account for various financial transactions. With the Diamond Mobile App, Diamond Bank customers can conduct their business from the comfort of their home in a secure, fast and convenient way

Diamond Online: This gives customers real-time access to their respective accounts 24/7. That means that a customer can handle the day-to-day intricacies of managing his/her finances conveniently from anywhere on the globe.

Diamond Mobile: Diamond Mobile is our banking service that allows a customer access to basic banking transactions through the mobile phone. Diamond mobile is basically putting your bank in your hands.

Diamond ATM: Our ATM gives you access to services such as withdrawal, transfer, air-time top-up, bills payment and Magic Cash 24/7.

Diamond eSUSU: Diamond eSUSU is the digitalized version of the traditional “Esusu” scheme where groups or individuals come together and agree to “save” money, each person contributes an equal amount into a “pot” and members take turns in receiving all the value in the pot at each contribution circle.

Diamond Care: Diamond Care is our interactive contact centre that allows you access to your account 24/7 from anywhere in the world by telephone. With Diamond Care, you can carry out basic banking transactions on your own through our self-service platform or you can speak to an agent, who provides assistance. The service is available in English, Pidgin English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and French.

Trade Services:

DL Support: This is an innovative import service which manages a customer's entire import business from inception (at the point of opening form M) through to the end (at the point of delivery of goods to the customer's warehouse or factory). It handles the trade processing, clearing and local transportation requirements of import transactions, enabling us handle customer's imports while the customer focuses on the core business.

Diamond Trade Centre: This is structured to assist customers (internal and external) in achieving their business objectives by deploying the knowledge, experience and resources of the bank to provide all the advice on all areas of trade products, supply chain management covering logistical and financial concerns at each stage of the international trade transaction.

Diamond Trade Customer Service Centre: This is a one stop hub for the best source of trade information and services in the industry. The centre is manned by a team of trade experts who are dedicated to providing quick and courteous responses to trade related enquiries from customers.

Diamond Trade Tracker: Diamond trade tracker is a trade document and transaction monitoring service which enables customers monitor their trade transactions from anywhere in the world. This service provides them with real-time access to information on their trade transactions via a web service and a transaction notification service which provides them with e-mail and SMS alerts at every stage of the trade transaction.

Cash Management Services:

Diamond Cash Management Services provides organisations with value added services to reduce the transactional costs of everyday business and increase revenue collection and payment facilitation efficiency. Our services include:

Diamond Pay Services: This is a web-based payment solution that offers organisations a secure, simple and cost effective alternative to cash and cheque payments across multiple banks.

Diamond Instant Payments: This allows individuals and organisations to easily and conveniently transfer or receive funds from any bank account in Nigeria and the beneficiary will receive the value within seconds.

Diamond RTGS: This allows the transfer of single large payments to any bank account in

Nigeria with beneficiaries receiving the value within 2 hours.

Diamond NEFT: This is an electronic payments service that allows single or multiple payments to any bank account in Nigeria.

Diamond Collect: The Bank offers specialised internet based sales collection solutions to large corporates aimed at providing payment convenience to their customers. This service has a robust transaction database that facilitates seamless transactions, which includes dealer collections, dealer/distribution payments, school fees and ticket sales.

Diamond Money Transfer: This is a domestic money transfer service that allows customers and non-customers of the bank to send and receive money from any of our locations in Nigeria. Major partners include Western Union Money Transfer and Money Gram.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy:

The Bank's policy on Corporate Social Responsibility is essentially driven by the imperative to directly and positively touch the lives of its stakeholders, with special emphasis on the indigent segment of the society. That way, the resultant impact is maximized for society's most needy. In this respect, the Bank gets directly involved with the lives of this target segment rather than act through third party charities and care givers. Our CSR initiatives focuses on education and capacity building, healthcare, philanthropy and charitable activities. They include:

Building Entrepreneurs Today Programme: The Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) program is a capacity building and business education project aimed at generating interest in entrepreneurship. The project started in 2010 and focuses on rekindling interest in entrepreneurship through a robust intensive Entrepreneurial Management Training during which 15 out of 50 top bred entrepreneurs are selected for Business Development Support. Five (5) outstanding entrepreneurs who qualify for the Next Level Award are thereafter selected and given N3, 000,000.00 each to support and boost their businesses. The programme is run in partnership with the Pan-African University.

Naija Diamonds: Naija Diamonds is a six-part documentary series sponsored by Diamond Bank since 2010. It was created to showcase and celebrate 36 unsung heroes and world class Nigerians whose lifestyles and values serve as a standard for generations to come. Naija Diamonds celebrates Nigeria's everyday people who have done something to change and challenge positively their situations. This documentary series was produced by Inspire Africa.

Accident & Emergency Centre, Mowe: To mitigate the spate of deaths arising from road accidents and also to provide prompt medical intervention to the community and road users, Diamond Bank PLC constructed an Accident & Emergency Centre as well as renovated the Primary Health Care Centre at the Obafemi/Owode Local Government Area, Mowe, Ogun State. This initiative forms an integral part of the Bank's long term corporate social responsibility mission in the wake of the projections by experts that road traffic accidents will be the third leading cause of death and injury worldwide by 2020. The Bank realizes the need for concerted efforts for more effective and significant results in the reduction of this scourge.

Donation of Education Portal to the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, Kaduna: The Bank made a donation of Education Portal to the NDA, Kaduna in response to the Academy’s quest for effective management and the automation process of their academic records, students' registration and the general school website.

Young Adult Development: Diamond is particularly interested in young people because they represent our strategic vision as an organisation. The buying power of this segment who account for more than half of the population in Nigeria, also makes this engagement a strategic imperative. Our activities in this focus area centre on equipping students of tertiary institutions in underserved states across the country with Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills. This approach will not only provide youths with practical skills that make them employable but will also serve as a source of livelihood through ICT skills development. So far, over 200 young people have benefitted from this training and plans are currently going on to replicate this ICT training model across Nigeria.

Women’s Wealth & Wellbeing (W.W.W): The link between sound health and the socio economic prosperity of an individual cannot be over emphasized. This is why our  initiative under this pillar addresses these two issues simultaneously by providing basic health care support to women in rural areas and empowering women economically especially in the area of Agriculture.

Wealth: Women in Agriculture (WIA): According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, women make up to 43% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries. Research shows that on the average their yield are about 20% to 30% lower than men because they have less access to improved seeds, equipment and most importantly finance and information. This is why Diamond bank has chosen to focus on women farmers by providing technical training and financial support in the area of Agriculture. Over 200 women in Oyo and Ogun state have benefitted.

Well-being: Vesico Vagina Fistula (VVF) affects a significant percentage of women and forces them into isolation. According to the Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS), Nigeria has the highest prevalence of VVF in the world with approximately 200,000 women living with the condition in the country with 90 percent of these cases going untreated.

As part of our focus on women issues through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Diamond Bank in partnership with Extended Hands Charity, a non-governmental agency with a proven track record of active involvement in VVF interventions, funded the corrective VVF surgeries of 15 women in Ilorin.

We believe that no woman should have to live a life of shame and isolation for trying to bring a child into the world and more importantly, that good health is the only foundation on which true wealth is built. Diamond bank plans to increase its supports for women living with VVF by funding the corrective surgeries of an additional 35 women in Ilorin and Sokoto in the first quarter of 2015. In addition to this, the bank has donated and will also be donating more medical equipment to Fistula centres across the country. Our aim is to increase the awareness about this debilitating medical condition and also help restore the dignity and lives of the thousands of women affected by this scourge. This two-pronged approach will not only ensure that women are able to make better informed choices concerning their health but also ensure that they have the economic power to improve their standard of living.

Sponsorships and donations:

As a corporate citizen, Diamond Bank PLC supports the cultural, social and economic life of Nigeria through donations and sponsorships of programmes and events. The Bank has made significant contributions to the following initiatives and events.

The Vision of the Child: The Bank partnered with Black Heritage Festival in conjunction with the Lagos State Government to sponsor the Vision of the Child. The VISION OF THE CHILD is a painting competition targeted at children between the ages of 9 – 12 years from various schools in the Lagos environs. The event is aimed at nurturing young talents to express through painting their own understanding of the world they live in, their vision of what it should be, and their dreams and fantasies.

Last Flight to Abuja: Diamond Bank identified with the Nollywood movie industry by sponsoring the premiere of the “Last Flight to Abuja”. The movie which raised the bar in movie production in Nigeria is based on true life events surrounding the two air crashes that occurred in Nigeria in 2006. The movie was a fantastic storyline and painstaking production with out-of-this world special effects and was aimed at putting spotlight on the issue and the need for reforms in the aviation industry in Nigeria. In addition to the sponsorship, the Bank donated 50 per cent of the Box Office sales on the movie to support the families of the June 3, 2012 plane crash.

The 4th Annual West Africa Trade and Commodity Conference: The Bank sponsored the 4th Annual West Africa Trade and Commodity Conference held in Accra. In sponsoring the event, the Bank provided a central meeting point for the regional and international trade finance community to explore key issues affecting trade flows; the extensive opportunities and challenges the market faces.

The 1st Annual Greensprings/Kanu Football Camp: Diamond Bank in conjunction with Greensprings School sponsored the 1st Annual Greensprings/Kanu Football Camp. The event is aimed at developing sporting talent among young children between the ages of 5 – 17 years.

Card, ATM and Mobile Expo Africa: The Card ATM and Mobile Expo is the biggest card and Payment exhibition in Africa where the biggest and best converge yearly. Diamond Bank has continued to partner with Intermac Consulting Limited over the years in sponsoring this event.

Among others, we have also made significant contributions to the following initiatives and events:

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